A Photo Collection of Mongolia on horseback ...

Mongolia and horses, can you imagine a better combination?

We want to pay tribute to the incredible beauty of the landscapes of Mongolia, and the legendary Mongolian horse that reigned supreme on the steppes for millennia.

We hope you have as much fun watching these pictures as we have had to gather and to select them.

If you have beautiful pictures of Mongolia on Horseback you would like to share with us, we will be pleased to include them in the dedicated pages.

But it's time to jump in the saddle to discover Mongolia on Horseback ...

Videos of Mongolia on Horseback

This site is dedicated to the best pictures of Mongolia on horseback, but we keep this place for the best equestrian videos we find on the internet.

Come regularly to check the new videos we found!

Incredible winter video with Przewalski's horses

Another stunning video of the encounter with a wild stallion!

If you want to take your own pictures

It is not always easy to take photos from a fast moving horse, and you may be disapointed with the result of your efforts. You will find expert advice on how to take good pictures from horseback in Mongolia on Mongolia Travel & Tours website, on this page named "Taking pictures and films in Mongolia".

You will also find on this website lots of horse riding tours in Mongolia. Most of the pictures on our website have been taken during equestrian tours arranged by Mongolia Travel & Tours. If you are fluent in French, you can also check their website Randocheval and Rando Cheval Mongolie.

You will find lots of equestrian holidays in more than 50 countries, and also discovery and hiking tours in Mongolia.